Luxotic arabia

Unique Experiences

From experiencing the speed of a supercar to cruising on the mediteranian, we offer a wide range of unique experiences that are unforgettable. Live Life In The Fast Lane Cruising down the Amalfi Coast in a supercar is a once in a lifetime experience. A guided tour from the birthplace of Ferrari, feel the engine roar as you take in the scenic views of Italy. Immerse yourself into the Italian coast and enjoy views and experiences from all heights. Whether it�s looking at the sandy beaches from a helicopter, or the crispy blue sea from your luxury yacht, the Italian experience is truly one of a kind. Explore the depths of the Antarctic Sail across Antarctica and explore the undiscovered landscapes with our exclusive polar cruises and expeditions. Luxotic Arabia has partnered with the Swan Hellenic Cruises to create a unique, life-changing Antarctic experience. Join us on a 10-15 night cruise that will allow you to enjoy exclusive views and phenomenal flora and fauna.

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